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Welcome to The Black Sheeps Website.. If your a member please log on and add your characters to the roster and the GM will edit your rank according to the guild roster online. if you dont have the GLProfiler already in your addon's folder please do that now and log on, make sure its enabled in addons.. and open your bank, pets(if applicable) Professions and then log off and log on to the website, go to your profile and update your profile to the char as needed. if you need more info on how to do it..on of the officers can explain or use the online guild through Guild Launch.. our website is a paid for service if you would like to send donations via Paypal the link is to the left.. if you would like to send a check please get with one of the officers for address and info to send it to. Thank you and happy hunting (BIG) Ventrilo Server Hosting by

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Uploaded by: khalis-juggalo on 2007-10-11 09:19:59
khalis and his boy
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